The New Way SMBs Interface With The Cloud

IT Services As more and more SMBs discover the benefits of the cloud, it is becoming increasingly clear that sometimes, third-party applications offer the best types of tools for interfacing with a cloud environment. Companies looking to make the most of their new cloud environment will need to migrate their mission-critical applications onto it. Other useful functions provided by third-party tools include monitoring the cloud environment and allowing for automated provisioning of virtual machines.

In addition, IT security measures are a huge concern for businesses moving into a cloud computing paradigm. Traditional computer and network security measures do not always translate well into a cloud interface, and security tools native to the cloud environment itself may not provide the kind of robust security that businesses have every right to expect and demand. In this regard as well, the solution often lies with the adoption of targeted third-party tools that can increase security robustness.

The problem with using third-party tools as IT solutions, however, is that it is unusual for a small or medium business to possess personnel with the specialized knowledge and expertise required to select the right set of tools, let alone arrange for the most cost-efficient type of licensing. When delving into a computing environment that is almost entirely new to the organization, it is best not to proceed blindly.

Fortunately, a ready solution is available in the form of IT consulting firms. These IT companies can advise on a wide variety of third party applications designed to make life in the cloud both easier and more secure. Some SMBs choose to use IT consulting primarily to help them make a final choice between two or three similar tools. The use of consulting advice can clarify which of the options is truly the best in a given business environment.

Other SMBs leverage IT consulting in a more exploratory manner, explaining their perceived needs to the consultants they are working with and letting the consulting firm generate a list of possible solutions to those needs. Both strategies are viable ways of making sure that your company obtains a set of third-party tools that will help you to make the most out of the cloud paradigm that is sweeping through the small business environment of the United States.

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