8 Key Reasons to Make the Switch to an IT Managed Programs' Model

IT Managed ServicesAlmost any problem that confronts a business can be solved in a variety of ways.  This is true in many contexts, but perhaps most of all in the realm of technology, where a variety of IT solutions can be leveraged to address specific challenges facing the organization.  When it comes to the world of IT management, businesses can certainly choose to organize their approach around a model that depends on internal staff. A much better approach, however, is to contract with an IT company that can regularly manage your network and provide you with the resources necessary for IT success. 

Here are some of the top reasons you should move to a Managed Programs' model:

1.  It enables the organization to remain competitive through quick implementation of new technologies as they become available. 

2.  Overhead costs for maintaining and administering the network can be reduced even while network services are expanded.

3.  Services can be set up for remote employees and branch offices without taking internal IT staff away from their regular duties.

4.  The business can enjoy robust business growth even during times of tight budgets without having to lay off internal staff.

5.  The business is free from the need to recruit highly qualified IT personnel with advanced network certifications.  In a managed service model, the MSP takes care of finding and retaining the necessary personnel to administer business networks. 

6.  Intternal staff can devote their time to the core competencies of the organizations.  When businesses focus on what they know and are free from the need to deal with tech issues, they take a step forward on the road to increased profitability.

7.  IT support staff in a managed services model receive up-to-date training from the IT company providing services.  This makes them much more able to deal with the current threat environment as it rapidly evolves than is the case for internal staff whose other responsibilities keep them from enjoying ongoing training. As a result, the business enjoys improved security.  This, in fact, is one of the primary reasons why many businesses make the switch to a managed services model. 

8.  Businesses that have implemented a managed services model are more able to respond quickly to market demands since this very approach provides more flexibility when it comes to technology.

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