IT Solutions: 3 Ways to Combat Storage Sprawl

Data Management Small and medium-sized businesses looking for IT solutions that will cut costs without sacrificing productivity or efficiency may wish to consider "storage sprawl".  The need to store additional data as it proliferates is one of the largest line items in the IT budgets of many organizations.  The advent of the internet has meant an incredible explosion of data, primarily because the online world enables magnitudes more transactions to take place each day.

While the additional business opportunities that the internet makes possible have become the life-blood of many organizations, the resulting storage sprawl has been much less welcome.  Fortunately for such organizations, professional staff from an IT company can provide much-needed IT services as part of a managed programs model.  In this model, visiting IT support professionals install, maintain, and monitor programs as needed to accomplish specific objectives.  When it comes to storage sprawl and the resulting cost run-ups it leads to, several types of programs can be invaluable

Data Consolidation

By consolidating data sources using efficient and accurate programs, the total ‘data footprint’ of the organization can be reduced.  This not only makes data organization more coherent, it helps the bottom line since fewer storage resources will be needed after data itself has been deduplicated and streamlined.

Data Compression

Other tools that managed programs consultants can install will allow for the compression of data so that the same information can be stored in many fewer bits.  According to recent research, most businesses can likely free up half their data storage space simply by using compression effectively. 


Not all data needs to be immediately accessible.  Older records can often be archived so that more recent and/or useful data becomes easier to find.  This technique will also help businesses that use databases since a leaner set of data to work with will make such programs run much more efficiently.  This in turn will speed workflow and boost productivity.

A variety of archiving solutions are currently available; all of them can generally be maintained by a managed programs' consultant that comes to the business premises on a scheduled basis.  Some archiving solutions will also be able to implement automated archiving, in which programs themselves are ‘taught’ which data needs to be immediately accessible and which kinds can be routed to a back burner for the time being. 

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