BYOD and Mobile Apps: Which Should You Choose

BYODNow that BYOD (bring your own device) is such a dominant part of the workplace in many small and medium-sized businesses, many firms are beginning to look for additional ways in which these devices can be leveraged to increase productivity, and along with it, profits.  IT consultants can be invaluable sources of information about how to accomplish these goals as part of an overall BYOD approach to processing daily workflow.

One powerful way to create value from a BYOD model is to make use of the powerful apps that have become available in recent years. These apps typically run on smart phones and tablet computers, but many of them also run on personal music devices such as the iPod Touch.  Many workers are somewhat familiar with productivity apps, but those are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to turning smart phones and tablets into more efficient and effective business tools. 

Collaboration Apps

Collaboration apps, such as Microsoft's QuickOffice Pro, are small programs that among their many functions can facilitate file sharing systems so that employees need not email relevant files when co-workers need them.  Emailing files is an inherently weak and flawed way to arrange file sharing.  Email means no central control over which workers will have access to which files. Instead, individual workers will take on this decision-making power for themselves. 

This can result in situations, for example, when some workers see drafts of a policy that is not yet ready for release to their group.  IT consulting firms can help SMBs to understand the various collaboration apps currently available and the benefits and drawbacks of each in the context of the individual company's market sector. 

Apps for News and Information

In some SMBs, workers must be able to rapidly access changes in the market throughout the day.  In others, staying completely up to date with technology news is of paramount importance.  Tracking this information on a personal device such as a smart phone means that the employee can always stay on top of such information, even when he or she is away from a desktop computer.

The proliferation of various types of apps means that business managers, who typically do not specialize in IT services, should be aware of which apps are the most secure and will best serve their business needs. Therefore, small and medium-sized businesses are urged to find an IT consulting firm, such as iCorps who specializes in mobility, to ensure that they are making the right decision when deciding which apps to choose. 

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