Social Media Can Compromise Your IT Security

The continuously evolving threat environment means that any business or other organization with systems connected to the online world must be diligent about defense.  For businesses located in the Northeast, IT support firms are an excellent choice as they are close enough to assist businesses in a variety of modalities. 

While managed services may be provided remotely such that geographic proximity is a less important factor, companies that wish to make use of a managed programs model will need to be situated near their service providers.  This is because a managed programs model envisions a system in which experts from the IT company come in person to a company's premises to provide on-site assistance, maintenance, and support on a scheduled basis.

Such personnel can help small and medium-sized businesses to cope effectively with one of the most significant cyber threats forecasted for the second half of 2012.

Trojan Horses Spread Through Social Media

Unfortunately, it has now become clear that social media networks often provide clever ways for malware to spread.  In particular, they can inadvertently enable the spread of Trojan horses.  Twitter, for example, has had trouble with this because some accounts may have a million followers or more.  This makes them highly attractive to hackers, who seek to take over such accounts. 

If the hacker can compromise an account's security and gain access to it, then he or she will be able to publish malicious links to a million potential victims in one blow.  This makes Twitter an obvious target for hackers.  From a business perspective, it means that network monitoring is essential since employees that follow Twitter feeds at work may open up company systems to damage, even if the initial contact takes place on a network-connected mobile phone that is the personal property of the employee. 

Managed programs staff can set up online filtering systems that can block access to social media sites.  However, this approach may not work for all businesses since many are actually using Twitter for work-related purposes, establishing an online presence as a potent form of marketing.  In this case, employees will need to access Twitter on a regular basis.

In such cases, managed programs personnel can maintain other types of IT solutions including firewalls and anti-malware software that will help to protect company assets against hackers attempting to use social media in a malicious manner.

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