IT Services Alert: Avira Anti-Virus Upgrade Termed ‘Catastrophic’

Anti-Virus AlertThe German anti-virus firm Avira recently issued a new service pack for its main program.  Unfortunately, the upgrade to the software caused serious complications on a large number of computers running versions of the Windows Microsoft operating system.  The worst cases, some of the computers were rendered almost completely inoperable as they attempted , in seeking to block malicious executable files. Instead, they ended up banning nearly all executable files.  After the upgrade was deployed, some machines were not even able to boot up into a normal operating mode.

Avira updated its program within about 24-hours in an effort to resolve the problem, but by then, the company's reputation had already been tarnished.  The company did take responsibility for the gaffe, announcing on their support site that: "Following the release of Service Pack 0 (SP0) for Avira Version 2012, the ProActiv feature blocked legitimate Windows applications on customers' PCs." The comment went on to add: "We deeply regret any difficulties this has caused you."

The incident keenly demonstrates the need for high quality IT services in the form of a managed programs model.  In this model, a qualified IT consultant provides regular maintenance and other kinds of scheduled computer services, perform updates and upgrades to core software and systems.

Having a managed programs model in place means that when unexpected problems arise as the result of an upgrade or update such the Avira incident, a qualified expert is on hand to take the appropriate steps to mitigate the damage and / or restore the system to its normal full functionality.

In the case of the Avira conflict, a customer on the company's support site indicated in some cases that the "update has been pretty catastrophic.  Production within the company has come to  a standstill." This same individual also indicated a desire to move away from the entire Avira product line as soon as his license terms made it financially feasible. 

The assistance of an IT company can prove invaluable in these situations.  Instead of striking out on their own to evaluate anti-virus products, businesses and other organizations should consider working with an IT company that can make relevant recommendations and explain both the up-side and down-side of the various products that are appropriate for the company given its size, number of computers, and business operations.

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