IT Outsourcing Can Help Navigate Today's Threat Environment

Preventing IT Threats and AttacksAccording to Steve Chabinsky, Assistant Director of the FBI Cyber Division, "it is getting darker and darker out there.” Chabinsky was referring, of course, to the current threat environment in both the private and public sector.  Aware that the FBI is widely regarded as responsible for providing leadership in the area of cyber security, Chabinsky recommends a proactive approach to securing both hardware and software systems.  “What it ultimately is about is deterrence," he commented.  "If the bad guys know that you can catch them, it stops most of them."

Chabinsky pointed out that an over-reliance on procedures and tools can be a mistake for businesses interested in fully securing themselves against the threats that are proliferating every day.  While these tactics are laudable, organizations must also be sure to examine the hardware and software in place on-premises or in remote data centers that are a part of a managed services model of IT support and services.  If portions of the software or hardware can be modified on an anonymous basis, this represents a significant security hold.  In fact, according to Chabinsky, much of the critical infrastructure that a business may rely upon is currently in a vulnerable state; a fact that cyber criminals are quick to exploit.

“It invariably comes down to the fact that in this environment, the bad guys haven't consistently been seeing the penalties," commented Chabinsky.  This is because in too many cases, unsecured infrastructure has meant that intrusions are not detected on a real-time basis, making it much more difficult to find the perpetrators.

IT consulting firms can assist businesses with strategies and solutions for securing hardware and software against anonymous modifications.  The first step to securing your hardware and software is by receving a comprehensive IT assessment conducted by expert IT professionals.

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