Common Applications of Staff Augmentation

Staff AugmentationContracting with a well-qualified IT company to provide staff augmentation is sometimes undertaken on a per-project basis when workflow exceeds the standard capacity of an enterprise.  A staff augmentation strategy, however, can sometimes also play a role in providing ongoing essential services.  Many business processes can be performed by IT experts, therefore freeing core staff to concentrate on the main mission of an organization.

Examples of Business Processes Suitable for Staff Augmentation

Financial and accounting functions are frequent candidates for an outsourcing strategy.  Such functions include payment processing, financial reconciliation, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and the analysis of financial data.  An example of a firm that might wish to augment staff in this area is a large metropolitan dental office.  The core competencies of staff in such a firm include providing dental services.  Hiring in-house experts to handle financial matters can be more expensive than allocating the work to an IT company that can take advantage of this requirement because they provide similar services to several different clients.

Human resources departments are another common area for a staff augmentation strategy.  A manufacturing or retail firm may not be well positioned to carry out such tasks as data management related to job candidate recruitment and screening. 

Firms can also benefit from using staff augmentation to provide data management services so that client records are stored in formats that can easily be migrated to new platforms when needed.  Data services also include data capture and mapping, along with related processing functions.

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