The Difference Between Cloud and Virtualization

Cloud vs VirtualizationWith so many technological developments happening at lightning speed nowadays, it's understandable that many people often confuse specific terminology used.  Among the most common terminology confusions is the difference between cloud and virtualization.

There is a relationship between the two technologies in that it is possible to build a cloud system on a virtual server, but virtualization is essentially one in which the physical is replaced by something that is not real, such as a hardware platform or operating system.

Cloud on the other hand is even more abstract in that it depends on the web and the internet. In other words, information that is stored ‘on the cloud’ is stored on servers housed on a hosting company’s premises.  These servers can be either real, just like your computer hard drive, or virtual.

The two, however, are now becoming more interlinked and there are benefits for any company wishing to use both.  However, before doing so, it is wise to get advice and help from IT specialists such as iCorps.  The latter can help decide whether an outsourced system is preferable to an internally-built one.  There are advantages to both but often cost is the determining factor.

For instance, outsourced providers have the means of, not only providing the business with the proper technology, but the necessary means of maintaining them.  However, by doing so you invariably lose direct control over performance - a price worth paying - as any problems will no longer be your internal IT department’s responsibility.

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