3 Benefits of Network Automation Through Managed Services

In a managed services model for IT support, the IT company managing your data center operations can implement a great deal of automation. This is to the benefit of the business or other organization contracting for managed services, and not just because automation tends to lower overall costs.

Here Are the Top 3 Benefits Small and Medium-Sized Businesses Can Expect by Leveraging Managed Services:

1. Enhanced Security

In an automated data center environment, security measures are applied and enforced more consistently. Patching and system updates go out a routine clip, and can be issued in response to newly discovered threats or exploits. This leads to a higher level of overall security for the data contained in the systems being managed.


2. Improved Regulatory Compliance

It is easier for an organization to demonstrate that they are compliant with applicable state and federal regulations when they can point to the automated nature of their data center. Instead of individuals making decisions on the fly, important matters are settled in advance and implanted through a system of computer controls. This helps to eliminate errors made by human beings - errors that can be very costly when they involve compliance issues.

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3. Faster Disaster Recovery

It is likely impossible to predict all problems that may occur in a data center environment, let alone prevent them with perfect accuracy. However, when issues do arise that take the data center offline, an automated approach will mean that full backups have been created in advance. This allows for a faster recovery time so that employees can return to working with the data they need for daily workflows. Automation will, of course, also lower costs and increase business efficiencies. For more information about implementing any of the above solutions, please reach out to iCorps for a free consultation

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