Choosing the Right IT Outsourcing Partner

Choosing the Right IT Outsource PartnerDeciding to outsource can be a bit of a minefield. However, it is often the best thing to do for the development of a business. There are many reasons why you might want to do so including costs, expertise and so on. The trouble is which company do you choose?


First, whichever company you decide to go with for your outsourcing needs, it must be reliable. As such, it is advisable to ask pertinent questions such as how long the company has been in business; how many employees and, are they located around the country or just in your city. iCorps was founded in 1994. The company has a large network of employees as it has offices in major cities including New York, Philadelphia, and Boston.

Client Satisfaction

Second, is whether you can find out if the clients are satisfied with their outsourced IT support. Corporations and consultancy firms such as iCorps will have details of clients that you could contact for references and case studies. Companies will be happy to report that they are satisfied with iCorps services. According to the Vice President of Operations of Industrial Packaging Supply, “iCorps is our strategic partner and a valuable IT consultant. We’re in business together. I look to them not only to maintain our current IT structure, but also to provide a vision of how technology can work for us in the future as we strive to reduce costs.”


Third, the level of experience of a potential partner may also be vital. A newly formed company might be innovative and fresh, but depending on what you are looking for, an older and more established company may be better. Perhaps the most important question to ask is: Will they fit into your business model?


While outsourcing can cut costs drastically, especially if outsourcing to cloud systems, there are often extraneous costs not usually considered. Consequently, it is advisable to find out what these are before signing on the dotted line. It is important to understand the different methods of payment when looking into IT different IT companies. Determine whether there are purchase costs, installation costs, incremental maintenance and support costs, startup costs or monthly fees and see which suit your company.


Another important tip to think about is risk. These could include insurance and whether the potential partner has a good enough backup service if things go wrong, as they inevitably will. As a professional IT support company, iCorps Technologies has a wide range of managed services to help with security, threat management, data backup and disaster recovery, anti-virus, email encryption, virtual computing, cloud continuity, and much more.

Finally, there is nothing like trusting your instincts.
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