Microsoft Encourages Cloud Computing

Microsoft Cloud ComputingCloud is big business nowadays even for the likes of Microsoft.  What’s more, the software giant believes it has something that small and medium-sized businesses want.

Microsoft recently carried out a business survey involving companies owning between 100 and 250 personal computers.  Some of these businesses used some aspect of cloud computing while others did not.

Companies surveyed were based in the USA, India, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore.  Out of the USA-based businesses, 93 said they used cloud while another 94 said they did not. Interestingly, the former also said they enjoyed lower costs as a result.  They also considered using such a system for IT projects that was more secure and offered better value for their money than traditional systems.

Interestingly, many of these companies also reported spending around 32% less time on security issues.

Adrienne Hall , General Manager of Microsoft's Trustworthy (the in-house department that carried out the research) said: "The security benefits of the cloud are there to see.”

While this research is interesting in many ways, whether it helps Microsoft stop what appears to be something of a stranglehold on IaaS by Google is far from certain.  Microsoft’s own web-based software solutions have not had the same impact as Google Apps for Business. The former tends to be a lot more expensive even if the products are superior, although that's a matter of opinion.

Overall though, the research gives a better idea of how IaaS and SaaS are growing.

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