IT Solutions: Choosing A Content Management System (CMS)

To many business people, software engineering is as far removed to them as any star in the night sky.  They can see a star but would not understand the minutiae of the physics.  Similarly, when choosing a software program, they are not interested in how it works, but in how it can help improve their business.

Yet, choosing a suitable program to manage their business properly can be something of a headache.  It really depends on what is required.  Initially it is always worthwhile simply looking at the scope and variety of different contact management systems (CMS) offered, and ask simple questions such as, "Is the software value for money compared with the budget, and is it suitable?"

However, this may not be as easy as it sounds. That is where an outside agency or IT consultant, such as iCorps, can help.  We specialize in these types of situations and can advise and inform businesses on the best options.  For example, buying a dedicated program to install on business computers might, at first, be the usual route but it could be that it is not cost effective.  A cloud solution may offer benefits that computer software does not.

For instance, every company (however small) must have a web site.  It is almost obligatory nowadays.  However, even though this is true, a business should be careful not to fall into the trap of thinking a one-size-fits-all is the best approach. What benefits a large corporation is highly unlikely to be suitable for a small business.

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