5 Benefits of Cloud Computing for SMBs

Cloud ComputingIf you run a small or medium-sized business, you may well have heard about the cloud and may have dismissed it.

However if this was your initial thought, perhaps it is time to re-think your perceptions. Cloud computing has now come of age.  For businesses of any size whether large or small, it has a number of benefits that far outweigh internal IT structures.

Cost Effective

Outsourcing your IT to cloud providers enables a small business to compete more effectively.  In short, they are on a level playing field with large global corporations.  The reason is quite simple: the costs are less expensive than using complex hardware and software that you have to maintain in a dedicated IT department.

Services Maintained Off-site

Using a cloud service provider takes the stress away from any potential IT problems that often arise in business.  How many lost hours of production has your business encountered over the years when a computer breaks down or software decides to crash?

Remote Storage and Backups

While cloud will not prevent some problems it will store important information on its own servers which will not be lost if your IT systems die.

Wider Accessibility to Data and Services

Cloud services are also easily accessed.  All that is required is an internet connection. Moreover, data stored on external servers can be accessed while on the move via Wi-Fi technology.  This in turn helps a business take an initiative when needed.

Mobile working is a growing phenomenon.  It allows information to be more easily shared and accessed, especially when travelling or working remotely.

Safer data storage

Finally, data is generally safer on the cloud than internally.

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