Developing Staff Augmentation

Developing Staff Augmentation

When running a business, particularly one that uses IT, developing the skills of the employees can be a headache.  However, there are ways around this. One way is through staff augmentation.  Essentially, this means outsourcing strategies involving key areas of business development.  Therefore, instead of internal staff, who may not be equipped to train what is required, a business would outsource a professional IT consulting company such as iCorps.

What sort of areas would be covered by IT staff augmentation?

This is quite far reaching and can include: specialized project areas that require expertise, coverage during vacation times and other absences; assistance with hardware and software deployment; and more. 

It may even cover tasks that some would regard as mundane such as help desk and technical support.  However, with customer service now being at the top of the agenda with businesses that deal directly with the public, it is important that internal staff are trained with the necessary skills including using IT to aid in customer relations.

For instance, one area that is often carried out internally is web design and development. However, for an online presence to be effective, you cannot simply design a beautiful looking web site, publish it and expect customers to flock and buy whatever you are selling. There is a lot more to this than meets the eye.

Consequently, it may be better to outsource special projects to a company that specializes in your area of need; otherwise, it could prove costly both in the short-term and  long-term.

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