IT Project or Project In Need of IT?

IT Projects and Outsourcing HelpIn reality, there is probably no such thing as an IT project.  Rather the IT project is a business project that relies on the use of IT to aid in business development.  In other words, a business has a challenge to overcome or goal they want to meet, which can be accomplished through the implementation of a comprehensive IT environment.

One problem here though is that most business people do not have the first clue about IT and the benefits it can bring to business development.  That is where IT consultancy companies such as iCorps can be of assistance.  As technical experts, they can advise businesses on how to make the best use of modern technology whether it's in-house software or IT management, or extolling the virtues of the cloud.

So how does project management fit into the IT world?

Quite simply it is encapsulated in one word: planning.  Like all projects, planning is vital, and that includes IT planning.  Implementing a particular software "just because" or without extensive consideration, is not advised.  Instead, businesses should first determine whether that software fits into the business model, and if it can accomplish its goals.  After all, it is often internal IT staff who are asked to implement changes, and unless they feel comfortable and confident about the changes, then there are likely to be problems from the outset.

To prevent a snowball of future IT problems, it's advised that businesses outsource professional IT consultants.  As experts in their field, they can help businesses plan and implement IT strategies, with little headache and with positive outcomes.

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