What Are Managed IT Services?

Advantages of outsourcing ITEssentially, a managed IT service means outsourcing a team of highly competent and experienced professionals (over internal staff), to manage IT operations.

IT outsourcing is now becoming more common, particularly as cloud computing develops.  In fact, using the latter is much more cost-effective than trying to store documents, multimedia files etc., on a company’s own servers.

What are the common services that can be managed?

The range is actually quite wide.  For instance, it is often a good idea to back up data and other material, and not just have single copies stored on a computer hard drive.  This is where the cloud comes into play - a better method over using external drives such as CD ROMs or pen drives, as these technologies can be physically damaged.

Outsourcing an IT company to store information takes the stress away of regularly looking after that data.  Cloud systems also have several other advantages that internal IT systems will not have, such as allowing information to be more easily shared among staff.

Another aspect that can often be better managed by an outsourced IT company is network management.  This can cover a wide range of topics, often encapsulated by the acronym FCAPS which stands for Fault, Configuration, Accounting, Performance and Security.

Managing these functions is now becoming costly for any business, but for small and medium sized business, the cost could outweigh the benefits of running an IT department. Consequently, it may well be a better solution to outsource a firm that specializes in managing complex IT services and systems.

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