Confident About Your Internet Security? Think Again.

IT SecurityAccording to a recent survey, Americans are feeling more confident about internet security now than was true a year ago.  In fact, the decline in anxiety levels about internet security represents the largest one-year drop since the attitudes of American consumers regarding internet security were first tracked beginning in 2007.  In addition, the current ranking of attitudes is at the lowest point it has experienced in more than four years.

While on the surface this may seem to be a positive trend, digging a bit deeper into the numbers reveals the opposite: American consumers have been exposed to so much news coverage about cyber attacks and hacking scandals that they have become somewhat desensitized to the issue.  Despite this, American consumers still expect the organizations with which they do business to have security policies and practices in place that will protect their personal and financial data.  The information gathered on the survey indicated that consumers desire strong authentication and want to conduct online transactions with organizations that require complex passwords and other security measures to protect them from identity theft and the other perils of conducting commerce online. 

One important way in which organizations can improve their security practices is to adopt a managed services model for their information technology needs.  IT support companies such as iCorps can provide remote IT services that are delivered via the internet and are in effect on a 24/7 basis since automation is used to great advantage in such systems.  An added bonus is that outsourcing IT functions means less expense than an in-house IT staff.

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