IT Solutions for Today: Private Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage and SolutionsWhen managers of businesses or other organizations hear the term ‘cloud storage’, they may immediately reject the notion because of concerns about data privacy, confidentiality, and security.  For some owners and managers, it is simply unacceptable to consider the idea of letting their customer's information or their own proprietary data such as intellectual property reside on a server not entirely under their control. 

While these concerns are certainly valid, they reveal a limited knowledge base regarding the nature of cloud storage itself.  It is certainly advised to outsourced an IT provider who will be able to furnish your cloud storage as part of a combined on-premise and off-premise approach. Or, you can take the riskier route and attempt to construct your own cloud storage solution, which will then also be entirely under the control of the business that created it.  These kinds of IT solutions can bring the advantages of cloud computing to those businesses that want to maintain a high degree of control over company resources, including information resources. 

One of the best ways to get started creating and using a private cloud is through a managed programs model for IT services.  In a managed programs model, highly-qualified staff from an IT company visit your premises for a certain span of time that is scheduled to repeat on a semi-regular basis.  While on your premises, managed programs staff maintain, install, and update software as needed.  This can include the installation of the software necessary to run a private cloud.  Managed programs staff will also ensure that your private cloud storage is working properly and is remotely accessible, one of the major advantages that private cloud storage offers.

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