IT Outsourcing: Retraining Staff to Welcome Change

Retraining Staff to Work With Outsourced ITFor many small and medium-sized companies, outsourcing IT can be very beneficial, but also comes with its own challenges.  One of the greatest challenges to overcome is the need to retrain staff so that they are fully able to take advantage of the efficiencies that the outsourced IT environment provides. 

In some cases, this means more than merely imparting a full roster of technical skills, such as utilizing cloud resources in processing daily workflow.  It can also mean a sea of change in attitudes.  In fact, some employees may exhibit a high degree of resistancy to the whole concept of outsourced IT.  As social scientists have observed for decades, this defiant attitude and behavior can be quite common in environments where employees believe that the ‘old way’ of doing things is in fact the "best way"; or for some, the "only way."  People who fall into this mindset tend to regard change as highly threatening. As a result, when changes occur on a large, systemic scale (as is the case for IT outsourcing), some employees may decide to ‘dig in their heels’ and resist the new computing environment at all costs.

Therefore, retraining attitudes is one of the most vital components of successfully outsourcing an IT company.  To successfully transition employees to the new system, businesses should work closely with the IT consultants to plan a coordinated series of training events, which will help internal employees see the benefits of the new system.

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