2 Things to Know About Understanding Firewall Protection

Most business owners and managers are familiar with the term ‘firewall’, but they may have a limited understanding of the term.  Firewall protection comes in two major categories: software and hardware.  Most computer users, whether they depend on their system for personal or business use, are only familiar with the first category of firewall protection.

Software Firewalls

This type of firewall protection is so ubiquitous because a version of it comes pre-installed in nearly every operating system.  In addition to the built-in firewall provided by Microsoft Windows or Mac OS, additional software firewalls may be purchased and loaded onto a system.  These firewalls are generally successful at preventing unauthorized casual access to an internet-connected computer. However, they are not usually considered secure enough protection for business systems, which may be targeted for sustained, deliberate cyber attacks using highly sophisticated techniques.

Hardware Firewalls

A hardware firewall consists of a device that connects to a network.  Hardware firewalls generally offer a very high degree of security and are common to the protection of computer networks.  Businesses that opt for robust firewall protection should consider having their protection systems installed and maintained through a managed programs model for IT services, since that approach guarantees a regular schedule of maintenance for the systems.

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