IT Consulting: Improve Customer Loyalty Through IVR and SMS

In today's highly competitive business environment, successful companies are those that know how to build and maintain customer loyalty.  This approach is not suited for companies who make their purchasing decisions based soley on price, but rather for those that are interested in evolving and growing their business.  The key to growth is providing excellent customer service through timely and accurate advice and recommendations.

IVR (interactive voice response) and SMS (short message service) technologies are two cost-effective ways in which a company can build and nurture personal relationships with their customer base.  As a result, companies who employ these methods of outbound communications will have a competitive advantage when used proactively.

For best results, IVR and SMS should be implemented as part of a managed programs model of IT support.  In this model, a skilled technician from an IT company visits your premises on a regular basis to install, maintain, upgrade, and update programs as needed to serve the business needs of the organization.  Implementing IVR and SMS through a managed programs model means being able to incorporate multi-channel support from the beginning so that customers can receive communications in the modality they prefer, whether that be through text messaging, social media, or email marketing.  IVR and SMS technologies can both be used to contact customers to offer support for existing products and services, or to advertise new products and services to them.

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