Business Intelligence: Not Just For Large Companies

For years, the general impression in the business community has that business intelligence (BI) software is really only suited for large businesses such as enterprises.  This perception was fueled by the high price tag associated with such software and its inherent complexity.  Now, however, a new generation of BI software has come on the market, offering interfaces that are more streamlined and easy to understand. 

This next generation of BI software has also surmounted the cost factor that had previously kept it from being widely adopted by small and medium sized businesses.  Thanks to the advent of a variety of cloud solutions such as Software as a Service (SaaS), business intelligence programs are now available for even the smallest firm or company.  By implementing BI as part of a cloud solutions approach to IT support, companies can avoid the need to purchase hardware of their own.  Moreover, the use of SaaS means that IT will be outsourced so that on-site manpower can be reduced, resulting in tremendous savings due to less personnel needed to run the software interface.

Cost factors have also been reduced due to the open source movement.  Open source software not only allows businesses to implement business intelligence programs at a lower cost, but creates a community situation for the use of the software, a factor that can help businesses that choose to adopt BI software as part of a managed programs model.

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