FEMA Identifies Cyber Attacks as an IT Security Concern

Cyber Attacks and SecurityAccording to a recent report by the Federal Emergency and Management Agency (FEMA), which usually works to assist communities in the wake of natural disasters, cyber attacks rank among the top hazards that concern states.  In fact, many states are just as worried about being able to respond adequately to a major cyber attack, as they are concerned about being able to cope with the aftermath of a hurricane.

Out of more than 50 states and federal territories surveyed, a full 10% indicated that a cyber attack is their number one concern - particularly attacks which could compromise one's ability to respond accordingly and in a timely manner.  This means that for those states and territories surveyed, "information intrusions" are a larger concern than both hurricanes and earthquakes. 

Although the State Preparedness Report only focused on concerns in government circles, states and localities are not the only organizations that need to be concerned about intrusions.  Whether threats emerge from dedicated hackers or internal threats, taking necessary precautions to ensure the health of your company's network and systems is vital.  More importantly, it is essential for organizations to be proactive by adopting a managed services model for IT support.  In a managed services model, the use of firewalls and continuous monitoring means that many threats can be prevented from reaching the security systems of a business in the first place.

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