IT Solutions: The Importance of Logging Software

Logging Software to Prevent ThreatsBusinesses who wish to maintain robust computer systems capable of accomplishing their business goals, are well acquainted with the importance of software that's able to log various system events.  When logging systems are well established as integral parts of a company network, the business will be better able to detect the arrival of malware into the system in order to prevent intrusions and other security incidents.  Proper log files also make it possible to conduct a thorough investigation in the event of a breach. In addition, proper log files make it easier for IT staff to track malicious behavior such as the abuse of company resources by internal employees, and access to the system by unauthorized persons. 

An example of an advanced form of logging software is referred to as Security Information and Event Management (SIEM).  According to a recent survey, more than half of organizations have some kind of logging software in place so that data collection analysis can be performed in a more streamlined manner.  True SIEM systems are less common, though not all organizations who use them employ the system's full capabilities.

According to Jerry Shenk, who has studied the issue in depth, "Given the advanced threats they [business organizations] are struggling with...We cannot stress enough that the best way for organizations to quickly detect abnormalities is to gain an understanding of their baseline or normal activity by reviewing/analyzing log data on a regular basis."

Both basic event logging software and an advanced SIEM system can be installed and maintained through a managed programs model for IT support.

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