The Value of IT Consultants

IT Consulting and BYODThe old saying "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" is true in many contexts in the business world, but is perhaps most true when it comes to the decision to hire an IT consultant.  By working closely with an IT professional, businesses can avoid the probability of proceeding on a trial-and-error basis when implementing a new system, program, or set of procedures.  IT consultants have been down the same road before with prior clients, and can offer expert advice and guidance about the most cost-effective ways to achieve business goals.

The BYOD example

One key example of the value of IT consultants can be found in the implementation of BYOD (bring your own device) policies - a growing concern for many businesses.  Unfortunately, some small and medium-sized concerns are charging full-speed ahead without considering all issues in advance.

Developing a BYOD policy in advance is imperative, and an IT consultant can help managers ensure that they have considered all the crucial elements of implementing such a policy.  For example, requirements in terms of encryption and passwords should be spelled out for employees, including an agreed-upon agenda for regularly changing existing passwords to new ones.  Employees should also expect that their mobile devices may be centrally managed and controlled - a stipulation which should also be clearly spelled out in the policy.

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Written by the IT technical staff at iCorps Technologies.