Top 3 Reasons to Consider SaaS

SaaS boston new york philadelphiaWhen it comes to provisioning themselves with expert IT support, Philadelphia businesses are increasingly migrating to the SaaS or Software as a Service model.  This change in approach brings with it a range of powerful benefits.

1. Scalability on Demand

Because cloud services providers maintain huge data centers that can provide enormous levels of both storage capacity and computing power, businesses that adopt the SaaS model can increase their usage of one or both as needed to meet their changing needs.  In contrast, businesses provisioning themselves with servers will have to purchase, configure, and install new hardware in order to scale up services, a process that could take weeks if not months. 

2. Continuity

The nature of cloud services means that both data and applications are stored off-site.  This means that employees can progress through their daily workflow from almost anywhere at all as long as a robust internet connection is present.  This facet of SaaS provides businesses with the kind of continuity that will be essential should a natural disaster disrupt headquarters or a branch office.  Of course, it also means that employees can be more productive when no disaster on a day to day basis.

3. Cost-effective pricing models

Businesses that wish to adopt an outsourced IT support approach can take advantage of ‘subscription pricing’ that is calculated according to the number of users who will be accessing SaaS resources.  This approach to IT services is particularly affordable for Philadelphia companies with relatively few employees, bringing quality IT services within the reach of small and medium-sized business.

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