Help, The Blue Screen of Death Ate My PC! I Need IT Support!

IT SupportIf you have been using PC-based computers for any length of time at all, you have most likely seen the ‘dreaded blue screen of death’. This refers to a situation in which your computer, for no apparent reason and with no warning at all, suddenly displays a solid blue screen with a few lines of text on it – text that appears to be gobbledygook to those of us who aren't IT consultants by trade.  When the blue screen of death appears, the computer will usually be frozen, with mouse and keyboard both out of operation.  All a user can do in this case is reboot the system.

It is true that sometimes a simple reboot will solve the problem; in this case, people can resume work, though they may feel quite nervous for a while that the blue screen of death might show up again at any moment, causing them to lose any work that they haven't yet saved. 

In other cases, however, all rebooting the computer does is cause the blue screen of death to show up again.  Even if a reboot works, the blue screen of death may begin popping up every time you perform a certain specific action, such as launching a particular program or even executing a specific command inside a program.

If you are seeing the blue screen of death appear on a regular basis, or if you are stuck in a loop where it appears no matter what you do, you obviously need professional help.  An IT support firm can identify the underlying problem and solve it.  Possible problems include device driver errors, bugs in the Windows software kernel, or even problems with the computer's physical hardware.  Most PC users can't solve these kinds of issues on their own.

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