IT Consulting: The Case For Dictation Software

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Ever since the advent of voice recorders and the personal computer, the concept of a secretary ‘taking dictation’ has all but vanished from the business world.  Indeed, many preparation programs for personal assistants do not even include a course in shorthand any longer.  In the tech-driven computer world that dominates businesses both small and large these days, however, dictation is making a bit of a comeback, but in a new form.  Today's businessman or woman is leveraging the power of computer dictation/transcribing programs in order to create new efficiencies in the workplace.

How does computer dictation work?

In the old days, a manager might dictate a letter to a secretary, who would then type it up from the notes she had taken while he was speaking.  In today's world, the manager speaks aloud into a microphone that is either hard-wired or wirelessly connected to his or her computer and a typed version appears on screen automatically.

This can increase efficiencies in a number of ways.  Clip-on microphones can allow the person dictating to move around the room, completing other tasks while speaking.  This might be considered impolite when working with another human being, but it will make no difference to the computer.  The typed version is ready immediately, with no time lag needed for it to be created and then returned to the manager for revisions and corrections. 

There are a number of ways in which computer dictation can be implemented in the workplace.  To evaluate which approach might be best for your business, work with an IT consulting firm with expertise in this type of software.