IT Support: Microsoft Exchange 2010 Offers Significant Benefits

IT supportThe decision about whether or not to upgrade to a new version of a product in use can frequently be a thorny issue for small and medium sized businesses.  The need to keep IT budgets tight and lean is an ever-present pressure, but new convenience and efficiency features of the upgraded product can prove very tempting indeed, particularly when a business has already exhausted the resource capacity of the existing version.

This upgrade decision is quickly coming to a head for many companies who have been using Microsoft Exchange 2003.  Official support for the product discontinued two years ago, but some companies have still not finalized plans to upgrade to Exchange 2010.  The time may be right for many of them, however.  With email more important to business operations than it was back in 2003, many companies can benefit from the key improvements present in Exchange 2010.

Among these improvements are such enhancements as a new voice mail system that allows users to see a text preview of voice mail messages directly in their inbox.  This helps employees to streamline their workflow since they will be able to determine much more efficiently which voice mail messages they should listen to immediately and which ones they can defer until a more convenient time. 

Exchange 2010 also helps employees to increase time-on-task by reducing the incidence of inbox overflow and providing for a quicker disaster recovery time in the event that DR is needed.

IT solutions such as Exchange 2010 are best installed and maintained through a managed programs model for IT support.

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