Managed Services: What Are Security Monitoring Services?

Managed ServicesThe term ‘managed services’ is an umbrella designation that includes a great many different functions that can be provided remotely and at low cost by an IT company known as a managed services provider.  One of the most commonly employed elements of a managed services approach to IT support is a security monitoring service.  This phrase refers to an MSP monitoring a network and its entire security infrastructure in real time in order to identify problem areas quickly that may represent attempted intrusions or other types of threats.

When a security monitoring service is in place, the business protected can still maintain its own control over its networks if desired; there need be no loss of administrator privileges and rights.  Rather, the security monitoring service helps to alert your staff in a timely manner when attention is needed so that vulnerabilities can be eliminated in advance when feasible, and the effects of intrusions can be mitigated to the highest degree possible.

A security monitoring service will keep watch over a large variety of elements in the network, including the main firewall and any web application firewalls that are also in place.  Proxy devices will also be monitored, as well VPN concentrators, applications, and operating systems themselves.

Security monitoring services also include a comprehensive log so that in addition to real-time monitoring, a historical record is being created that will prove of use when improvements or enhancements to the security systems are contemplated.