Understanding the Need for Managed Services

Managed ServicesSometimes it seems that not a single week can pass by without the business world being rocked by news of a major hacking attack or other serious data breach.  One of the latest to raise concerns among businesses that accept credit cards for payment is being called the ‘Global Payments Breach’. This attack exposed the personal and financial details of more than 1.5 million cardholders and included both traditional credit cards as well as debit cards. 

One thing that made the breach even more alarming than this statistic would indicate is the fact that the intrusion was not detected until at least two weeks after it had begun.  According to IT analyst Avivah Litan: "That's good they can detect a breach, but it would be better if they could detect it as it is occurring, in real-time…. I think we will see a big advancement in security systems over the next few years where we can crunch that data in real time and block the bad guys from coming in."

There is no doubt that fraud prevention techniques and technologies will improve in the future because interest in this area of IT services and security is currently very high.  However, companies can do several things in the here and now to protect them from hackers trying to tap into confidential data.  A firewall is a necessary first step to "block the bad guys," as Litan puts it.  To make a firewall even more effective, however, it should be implemented as part of an overall managed services model for IT security since this approach incorporates remote monitoring on a 24/7 basis.

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