IT Support For The Private Cloud

Private CloudMany small and medium-sized businesses have already discovered the inherent advantages of private cloud computing.  Not only do such environments improve an organization's ability to efficiently allocate and utilize IT resources, they also allow for businesses to maintain a high degree of control and security over their data both during transfers and while it is resident in the private cloud architecture itself.  Like most good things in life, however, the adoption of the private cloud does present business organizations with challenges as well as benefits. 

One of the most potent of those challenges is management of the private cloud.  Companies that try to ‘go it alone’ without skilled and knowledgeable IT staff frequently end up with a veritable cornucopia of solutions to handle various tasks such as dynamic reallocation of workloads and configuration of network resources to work smoothly with virtual machines.  Using such a variety of management tools has strong drawbacks in terms of efficiency, but it can also lead to potential conflicts since one program can "trample" upon the results of another.

A much better solution is to adopt a unified management approach for administering the private cloud.  A variety of companies including Dell produce integrated software suites that provide for unified management of private cloud environments.  Such programs are best installed and implemented at a small or medium-sized business through a managed programs model.  In this approach to IT support, qualified staff visit your premises on a periodic basis that is determined by your individual needs.  While on site, they perform updates and regular ongoing maintenance of the software programs with their realm of responsibility so that your regular staff can devote their time and attention to helping your business excel in the area of your core competencies.

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