IT Consulting Regarding Methods for Going Green

Many business owners and managers might be surprised to learn that in the average data center, one of the most significant energy costs is triggered by the need to keep the equipment at a cool temperature.  According to an analysis conducted by Dell Computers, IT equipment in the United States would need to be able to withstand a temperature of at least 45 degrees Celsius if it is going to operate without provisions for cooling it down.  Yet currently available equipment used in commercial IT applications is now usually rated to operate at temperatures no higher than 35 degrees Celsius. 

This combination of factors makes cooling an essential component of the modern data center, but rather than think strictly inside traditional methods of cooling such as HVAC systems, small and medium-sized businesses now have further options in the form of more advanced servers.  These servers  are ‘fresh air capable’, meaning that they are designed to make use of cooling that uses fresh air from outside the building rather than artificially cooled air inside it.  Dell makes such a line of servers.

Switching data center operations to servers that build in cooling considerations has two major advantages.  On a purely practical financial level, this approach reduces the electrical consumption of the data center and produces a cost savings; one which can be augmented if companies at some point in the future have to pay a fine or fee for exceeding a carbon allocation.  Moreover, going ‘green’ can be a strong PR move that helps the company to build a more positive brand presence.

Firms interested in fresh air capable servers from Dell or other providers should explore their options with the help of an IT consulting company.

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