IT Support For Streaming And Interactive Web Features

IT supportAs the average American grows ever more used to high degrees of technology, even small and medium-sized companies are finding that they must upgrade their websites to appeal to a much more sophisticated consumer base.  In decades past, a static website that provided information primarily by means of a text-based interface was the norm.  However, now, when consumers visit a company's web presence, they expect to find far more advanced features such as embedded video and audio as well as the ability to interact with company staff and with one another through forums and comment boards.

Large corporations may have staff on hand to help incorporate these advanced web applications into their online homes, but small and medium-sized businesses are at a disadvantage when they try to keep up.  Even if they send their IT staffers for training, the tech world changes so fast that these newly acquired skills will probably be useful only for a short while before they need to be updated once again.

A better solution is to adopt a managed programs approach to IT support.  In this model, managed programs staff visit your premises regularly, but their ‘home base’ is the IT company where they work.  These staff work with many firms and stay up to date with the latest developments.  This allows them to come to your site to install the software needed to transform your website from a text-only experience into one that is rich in embedded and interactive content.

While creating the content will remain the responsibility of the individual business, managed programs staff can help to ensure that the framework to receive it is ready to go. 

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