IT Security: Threat Environment to Increase Over 24 Months

IT Security ThreatsA number of factors are coming together to create what some IT security professionals are regarding as a ‘perfect storm’ of vulnerability for business data resources.  According to the Information Security Forum, companies can expect to see IT threats become more widespread and intense over the course of the next 24 months. 

This scenario could potentially affect far more than a company's website or cloud storage data banks.  There is also strong potential for lasting damages to accrue to the reputation of a company, if its brand becomes associated with data breaches of a loss of consumer privacy.  These impacts could in turn negatively affect the stock price of the company as well, something that even medium-sized businesses need to take into account.

There are diverse reasons why the threat environment is expected to grow so much more challenging in the next two years, and not all of the reasons relate to the increasing sophistication of hackers and hacktivists.  Instead, the US government's push for businesses to be more transparent with their online resources could potentially open up some routes of attack.  Similarly, IT security measures may conflict with some protections for personal privacy that are being contemplated by regulatory authorities.  In meeting the demand for transparency and privacy, security may be compromised, particularly if the staff in charge of IT security are not familiar with how to manage all three needs simultaneously.

Now, therefore, is an ideal time to transition to a managed services model for IT security since this model can provide your business with the kind of continuous monitoring that can be absent from an internal approach to the challenge.

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