IT Services: Benefits Of VoIP

The digital revolution has created new computer applications that were scarcely dreamed of as little as a generation earlier.  One example of a powerful new technology only now truly beginning to come into its own is VoIP, an acronym that stands for ‘Voice over internet protocol’. Compared to the traditional landline telephone, VoIP offers several key benefits, but it is also superior to cell phones in several respects.

Cost Savings

The most obvious advantage to a small or medium-sized business is a significant cost savings.  In order for managed programs staff to set up VoIP for an organization, they will typically need to configure a server that will be dedicated to the task of handling voice communications.  Workstations and other client devices will also need to be configured, with the appropriate software installed.  Apart from this, however, costs can be quite low since the software itself is typically free of charge. 

Integrated Digital Voice Files

Messages used to be left on an answering machine.  This might use a tape or might even be digital, but in any case, the machine was a separate system from the rest of the computing infrastructure.  This means that when clients leave messages in such a system, they cannot easily be archived and integrated with the rest of the client information stored on the main servers.

With VoIP, however, messages left on the system take the form of digital files that can be readily copied and transferred as needed.  Thus, a record of a customer's interactions with the company can include his or her verbal communications in the form of messages left when live personnel were not available to take a call. 

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