Managed Services Advantages Include Staffing Considerations

Managed ServicesAn upcoming conference on managed services is scheduled to be held in the Middle Eastern city of Dubai, located in the United Arab Emirates.  Titled ‘Managed Services for Growth Markets’, the conference aims to help businesses understand more about the ways in which managed services can help companies to realign their functions so that they focus on their core competencies rather than on the IT minutiae needed to assist daily workflow.  Informa Telecoms and Media are organizing the conference.

According to conference participant Ammar Al Malik, "Businesses today are looking to focus on their key operations by working with IT service providers that offer expertise and align IT with the corporate mission of the company.  In the past few years, many companies are turning their attention to operational expenses rather than investing in upfront capital."

Al Malik also noted that one reason why managed services is so effective is because this model for IT support relieves the company in question of the burdens associated with hiring, training, and retaining staff members who possess the particular kinds of IT skills needed to keep a business network functioning.  This advantage of managed services is important for businesses both large and small, but provides a particular benefit to small and medium-sized companies, since they may not have the resources to staff an IT department fully of its own.

A managed services approach, however, involves choosing an IT company rather than specific individuals.  From that point forward, IT services covered in the service level agreement will be the responsibility of the provider.   This allows a business to pay far more attention to its primary mission.

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