IT Consulting: Identifying Holes In Incident Response Plans

Recent news accounts about cyber attacks by hactivist groups as well as internet criminals provide a clarion call to businesses to dust off their incident response plans and make sure that all employees are fully trained to follow them in the event of an intrusion.  Unfortunately, however, a great many incident response plans in place at small and medium sized businesses in the United States have holes in their provisions, sometimes gaping ones.

According to security experts, too few businesses today are truly prepared to respond quickly and effectively to the kind of dangers present in the current threat environment.  Incident response plans may be centered more fully on the issue of insider threat or they may not acknowledge some of the newest threats to emerge, such as hacking attacks that emanate from social media networking sites.

Hindsight, as they say, is 20/20, but no business wants to be in the position of wishing that a better plan had been in place before an incident made it necessary.  To identify the holes in your current incident response plan, businesses can take advantage of the expertise possessed by IT consulting firms.  Working with an IT consultant is an ideal way to tackle this issue because a consultant can start from where you are and help you move your plan forward.  From a cost and efficiency perspective, this is better than starting over from scratch. 

IT consulting firms can also provide any training and assistance that is needed for employees to feel comfortable with the revised plan so that in case of an incident, the company response is executed much more smoothly.

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