IT Support: The Need For Activity Monitoring

IT supportOne of the more pressing needs developing for US businesses and other organizations that heavily leverage information technology is adequate auditing.  The explosion of mobile devices, coupled with the growth of social media over the last few years, has resulted in a tech environment in which auditing of user activity must take center stage. 

This is because how an organization handles sensitive data has huge implications both for the reputation of the business and for its ability to achieve full compliance with all applicable state and federal regulations.  Penalties for a failure to comply can be severe.

In order to meet the new challenges posed by social media and mobile devices, IT support staff in charge of auditing must master new technologies.  Using specialized tools, IT staff can pinpoint events of concern, such as the transmission of sensitive information in an unencrypted form.  An employee browsing the web is another area of concern; the websites visited, even on a BYOD device, should be monitored at the very least and possibly limited as well.  Any information that employees share online, regardless of channel (email, social media posting, FTP file upload, cloud file storage) must also be monitored if full IT auditing is to occur. 

One way to implement comprehensive IT auditing is to have managed programs personnel install and maintain the specialized software that can monitor activity and trigger alerts when suspicious activity occurs.  Such software can also store detailed information about events of concern so that a more robust investigation of the event is possible. 

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