3 Cloud Computing Issues To Explore With IT Consulting Assistance

cloud computingMoving some of a company's operations onto the cloud can be a daunting task, in part because businesses and other organizations that may be considering it may not feel they have a full and complete understanding of the nature and role that cloud computing can play in an overall computing environment.  One powerful way to gain a better understanding is to work closely with an IT consulting company so that guidance is provided at every step along the way.  To begin working with an IT consulting firm, businesses should explore the following basic issues.

1. The need for control

Organizations differ in their need to maintain complete control over their own data assets.  The nature of public cloud computing means that some degree of control will necessarily be lost to the cloud provider.  Private clouds allow more in-house control to be maintained.

2. The level of current IT complexity

A transition to a cloud-based approach can be more challenging if the current IT infrastructure in use is highly complex.  Another complicating factor is the continued use of older systems or those that are highly modified to meet company needs.  On the other hand, organizations with a standard IT setup will find that it is much simpler to transition some functions onto the ‘of the shelf’ nature of many cloud applications.

3. The need for security

When data is no longer being physically stored on the company premises, concerns about security will necessarily arise.  Companies using cloud computing need to understand in advance what provisions for security will exist at the data center safeguarding their information.

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