IT Support Includes Network Capacity Measurements

In recent years, it has become increasingly easy for businesses and other organizations with virtualization in place to move virtual machines onto a cloud computing environment.  Businesses using VMware can connect remote assets to local resources through the vCloud Connector interface, while organizations running the Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012 need only click on the button labeled, "Create Cloud.

Moving virtual machines onto the cloud, however, is not always the best approach.  Your managed programs staff can help to determine whether this model makes sense considering your network architecture and other infrastructure.  One of the primary reasons why moving a VM to the cloud may not be a sound idea is because of network latency issues.  These can result from the nature of your internet connection.

When businesses move a VM to the cloud, it can improve the network functioning because in-house resources will become more available to other computing functions.  However, when the time comes to receive the results produced by the VM, your internet connection can be a major issue.  If too much data is trying to flow back to the data center, this can create a bottleneck situation.   Managed programs staff can use tools to measure network capacity so that employees can understand when it is, and is not, a good practice to move a VM onto the cloud.

In a managed programs model for IT support, expert staff perform on-site visits on a regular basis to perform maintenance checks and to administer the various programs installed on the company network. 

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