A New Server Calls For IT Consulting

According to recent research, the total volume of business data is doubling in only 1.2 years.  While some businesses see more of this increase than others do, the average company sees a data increase of more than 40 percent over the course of a single year.  The increase in data flow is due in part to new forms of data that companies now need to track, analyze, and store; these include video content and data that derives from a business presence on social media networking sites.  The need for real-time access to much of this data only makes it even more challenging to meet these growing storage needs.

With so much data to track, store, and instantly access, many businesses are in the position of needing to replace their existing server or join additional servers into their network.  Since a server represents a large capital investment, this is not a decision that should be undertaken lightly.  Indeed, small and medium sized businesses should consider working with an IT consulting firm in order to receive assistance considering the various servers on the market as well as the benefits and drawbacks of each system. 

An IT consulting firm can guide businesses and other organizations to ask the right questions regarding the acquisition of a new server.  Some of the most important issues may be ones that the business would not have thought to consider without such expert outside advice.  Cost is obviously a major factor that no business would overlook, but so are application performance and availability as well as the level of unscheduled down time that each type of server may experience.

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