Managed Services And VMware's Octopus Project

Octopus ProjectVMware has released one of the first ways to use its anticipated Project Octopus program by launching an app that runs on iOS devices.  Project Octopus is intended to provide users with secured access to their files from any internet-connected device.  More importantly, perhaps, is the fact that it will allow users to share their files and even collaborate on them with others, whether they are fellow company employees or outsiders. 

As of this writing, the app has not been released to the public; it is available only to those who have signed up to be a part of the Octopus private beta.  In order to publicize more widely the app's capabilities, however, VMware has also released a series of screenshots designed to highlight the major functions users can expect. 

At its heart, VMware Octopus is a file-sharing application.  Many such programs already exist, but what may give Octopus an advantage in the business market is its ability to integrate with a company's current IT infrastructure seamlessly.  Octopus was first discussed by the company at the VMworld 2011 event.  At that time, the company described it as running "on the vCloud platform" and plugging "into your existing infrastructure." 

As of yet, however, VMware has said little about the ways in which Octopus may integrate with vSphere, which is the primary virtualization platform produced by VMware.  Businesses and other organizations that desire more information about Octopus and its potential benefits should work closely with their managed services providers, which will be at the forefront of any effort to integrate the product into the managed services a company currently enjoys. 

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