Managed Programs Staff Help Administer Cloud Applications

Managed ProgramsWhen cloud computing applications first came onto the scene, their advantages were immediately obvious.  Because such applications are available from any internet-connected computer, they allowed employees to enjoy a new degree of mobility, a factor that greatly improved workflow in many types of business.  In addition, cloud applications were often free of cost, a factor that would immediately appeal to cost-pressed IT departments.

Despite these advantages of cloud applications, however, one of their major drawbacks was glaringly obvious.  IT departments have traditionally not been able to exercise much control over the security features and management of cloud applications.  Other than blocking access to them entirely, their hands were tied.  This is an important issue because a business can be at serious risk if a cloud application causes a data security breach.

This scenario, however, has now been modified by the development of products that help to manage access to cloud applications.  Third party vendors including VMware and Citrix Systems have both come out with tools that can allow IT staff more detailed control over cloud application use.  It is best to implement these tools as part of an overall managed programs approach to IT support since managed programs staff will already be familiar with the software interfaces used by Citrix and VMware.

In a managed programs model of IT support, highly qualified staff will visit your premises on a regular, scheduled basis to provide for ongoing maintenance of installed software products including cloud application management programs.

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