IRS Incident Demonstrates Importance of IT Consulting

When it comes to IT security, businesses want and expect tech solutions that will work effectively all of the time, not most of the time.  The importance of this approach was underscored recently when auditors from the Treasury Department determined that IRS security procedures were failing more than one-third of the time according to certain criteria.  Michael Phillips, who serves as a deputy inspector general for such audits, explained in more detail, saying that the "host-based intrusion detection system is not monitoring 34 percent of IRS servers, which puts the IRS network and data at risk…. Incident response policies, plans and procedures are either nonexistent or are inaccurate and incomplete."

If even the IRS is having trouble in this area, then small and medium-sized businesses should take note of the complexity of the challenge.  Keeping systems and confidential data secure is no small task, and certainly not one that an in-house IT department is fully equipped to handle without outside advice and assistance.

Fortunately, such assistance is readily available through IT consulting firms.  These IT companies specialize in helping businesses achieve a fully secured environment and allow them to tap into a well of expertise that is both deep and broad.  The staff that comprise an in-house IT department will be more effective and productive when they have access to outside views on both their current procedures and the ones that would make their operations more successful in the future.

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