Securing Mobile Content Through Managed Services

managed servicesAny business where employees are using smartphones or other mobile devices to process workflow must find ways to secure the devices themselves, but this strategy in and of itself will not be sufficient unless content is also secured.  One of the best ways to select and implement a management strategy for mobile content is to work with a managed services provider with expertise in this area.

The app issue

One challenge for mobile content management is the wide availability of apps.  While there is no doubt that apps can provide workers with convenient functions that ease workflow, they do also represent a security vulnerability.  One solution is to use managed services as a ‘gatekeeper’ function so that apps deemed safe can be white-listed for download while others remain inaccessible.  Considering that more than 260,000 devices became infected due to the existence of just 58 apps with malicious coding in 2011, restricting app access is one of the most important considerations for securing mobile content.

 File security considerations

Mobile employees may use confidential data and files just as frequently as their non-mobile counterparts may.  Documents such as business plans and sales contracts may contain proprietary information while customer databases may include private information about individual clients.  All such files should be encrypted when used on mobile devices; they should also be transmitted in encrypted form.  A managed service approach can help to automate such tasks and can prove invaluable to accomplish tasks such as setting expiration dates for files, another key way to help secure mobile content.

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