Managed Services: Cloud File Sharing as a Business Tool

Large corporations do try to streamline their operations, but small and medium-sized businesses are the companies most skilled at doing ‘more with less’.  A strict limit on available resources has typically encouraged SMBs to operate effectively and efficiently on lean budgets in all phases of their operations, including their IT departments.  Many SMBs have found that a managed services model is the most cost-effective way for them to have dependable and robust information technology systems.

One business tool that can be provided as part of a managed services approach is file sharing in the cloud.  This cloud computing technology allows employees to exercise a much greater degree of flexibility in how and where they access the documents needed for daily workflow.  Once it used to be true that a worker could only edit a document at his or her own particular workstation.  Later, well-designed corporate networks allowed for access from any computer on the network.  While this was an improvement, employees still had to be on premises to gain access.

Now, however, cloud-based file sharing through a managed services model means that an employee can access files from any internet-connected location.  Moreover, intelligent file sharing systems allow employees to connect using a wide variety of devices such as tablet computers, smart phones, PDAs, and traditional desktop computers.  Each of these may be running a different operating system, but they can all work in conjunction with the files remotely stored in the cloud. 

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