IT Solutions: The Microsoft Office App For iPad

Microsoft Office AppBusinesses that have wanted to widely adopt a tablet-based computing infrastructure have been somewhat stymied to date by the lack of a Microsoft Office app for the most popular tablet in the world: the iPad produced by Apple Computers.  That bar to adoption is now slated to vanish; according to released reports, a Microsoft Office app designed to run on the iPad will soon be launched.  The app is expected to include the popular Office components of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.  There is no word as of yet whether other Office family programs such as Access, FrontPage, or Publisher will also be released in iPad app form. 

The news comes as a welcome relief to businesses that already use iPads and had been scrambling for IT solutions that would meet their word processing, presentation, and spreadsheet needs.  There are existing alternatives, but they do not handle Microsoft Office file formats as well as would be expected from an app produced by Microsoft itself. 

Businesses that currently own sets of iPads as well as those that will now be seriously considering iPad tablet adoption should factor in the need for a managed programs approach to help them manage and administer all their handheld devices.  The expert help provided through a managed programs model will allow businesses to have confidence that installed apps and devices are properly secured so that data loss or confidentiality problems are minimized.  This is preferred over a system in which employees manage their devices in a non-standardized manner.

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