IT Consulting Offers Help With DR Planning

IT consultingMost firms already have some form of data backup program in place, but recovering from a disaster is more than a matter of simply restoring any lost data.  An adequate recovery plan includes a range of other key elements that can assure that business returns to usual as soon as possible. 

1. Organize a DR team

An in-house disaster recovery team should be recruited and assembled ahead of time so that DR responsibilities are clearly organized.  This involves designating the procedures that each member of the team will follow in the event of an emergency.

2. Arrange for communications 

During and after a natural disaster, normal means of communication may be unavailable.  This is especially true after certain types of events such as earthquakes and hurricanes.  Plan for alternatives to normal communications, and have several lines of defense in this area.  Cell phones are a good first option to landlines, but even they can become useless when the network is clogged with people trying to make calls.  Walkie-talkies for short-range communications may be an alternative to explore in advance in order to prepare for such a scenario.

3. Inventory all damage

The DR team should have procedures to follow that will allow the members to assess the impact of the disaster.  Only in this way can problems and challenges be identified so that steps can be taken to overcome them. 

4. Inventory remaining assets

It is just as important to understand what resources have survived so that these can be put to use as part of the DR effort.

An IT consulting firm can offer additional guidance about the specifics that any robust DR plan will need to address.

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